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Special Features

Full CD Cover: Panoramic Mini-Poster

The Story Behind The Signatures on the CD Cover
How Everen T. Brown's WTC Panoramic poster came to be signed by so many uniformed personnel, and how this signed poster became the cover of "We'll Carry On".

Songwriter's stories, song by song
Because space in the CD liner notes was very limited, Val asked each artist to relate:

  • a short story or personal account of why the song was written, what was going on at the time, and/or something about recording it
  • thank you's and acknowledgements
  • dedication if desired
  • contact info
  • word
    The corollary (and precursor) to "We'll Carry On", 'word' is the complete collection of lyrics & poems to commemorate the tragic events of 9.11.2001 which were presented at the March 2002 concerts. (available here as a .pdf file)

    The Photo
    Everen's stories about the WTC Poster Project and the taking of the panoramic photo:
    World Trade Center Panoramic Poster Project
    A view from the top of the World Trade Center
    January 1st 2001

    The Story behind the Music
    How the music came together for the "We'll Carry On" compilation: the beginning of Val's story.

    Links & FDNY Patches